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Over the years, the Ford F-Series has undergone 14 significant generational changes. For conciseness, we’ll cover the 9 generations since the introduction of the F-150, with each bringing new technology and features to the table. 

6th Generation 1973–1979


7th Generation 1980–1986


 8th Generation 1987–1991


 9th Generation 1992–1996


10th Generation 1997–2003


11th Generation (2004–2008)


12th Generation (2009–2014)


13th Generation (2015–2020)


14th Generation (2021–Current)


Ford F-150 Legacy

Though the Ford F-150 wasn’t originally announced as a model until 1975, its F-series predecessors have existed since the mid-1900s (1948 to be exact). The model was born out of a postwar United States' desire for a reliable consumer pickup, and thus came the Ford F-1 through F-8. The next iteration of the F-series saw the transition from F-1 to F-100, a title that persisted through six additional generations until its discontinuation in 1983. 

The first F-150 officially hit the market at the launch of the 6th generation F-150 in 1975, and by 1980, the model outsold the still-in-production F-150 by nearly 40,000 units! After 14 generations and countless especially models, including the Lightning, Harley Davidson, and Raptor, the Ford F-150 sees no signs of slowing down. In 2023, the model earned its 46th consecutive best-selling truck title and 41st best-selling vehicle title! Other awards include:

  • Multiple Edmunds Top-Rated awards

  • 2023 North American Truck of the Year

  • 2023 KBB Best Buy award

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