10 Best Ford F150 Mods and Performance Upgrades

Originally published on Sep 16, 2022 | Updated on Aug 10, 2023

On and off the road, a Ford F-150 will never let you down. Give it a proper “thank you” by outfitting it with some extra accessories. Our experts at RealTruck have rounded up the best Ford F-150 mods and upgrades that’ll have you racing to the checkout.

1. Air Intakes

Looking to increase your F-150’s torque, horsepower, or fuel efficiency? Silly question, of course, you are. At RealTruck, we offer air intakes that’ll have your build performing like new. A new cold air intake (CAI) system will also help your engine burn fuel more efficiently when on those multi-day trips. To help you get started, we’ve picked out a few of our personal favorites:

2. Lift Kits

Level up your ride with the right lift kit for your F-150. All kits include the equipment you need to sit high and ride smooth when navigating backhills and bumpy terrains. Looking to customize the height of your build? RealTruck offers several adjustable kits allowing you to customize it to your liking. All lift kits are constructed from durable material, so even the heaviest hauls won’t weigh you down. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite kits best suited for your Ford F-150:

3. Steering Upgrades

It’s time to get a proper handle on the road. Gear up for all those unpredictable twists and turns with the right steering accessories. For builds that have just been upgraded with a new lift kit, a stabilizer is an ideal way to accommodate any potential changes in handling that may occur. RealTruck offers an impressive selection of steering stabilizers that are designed to help your F-150 maintain a smooth ride, eliminating any unwanted movements and vibrations that can occur with vehicles that are outfitted with larger tires. Our experts have hand selected a few steering options that would be a perfect upgrade to your Ford F-150:

4. Rims

Keep your F-150 upgrades rolling with a new set of rims. From a black powder finish to sleek chrome and polished aluminum, our inventory tailors to a variety of desired styles. Choose a spoke  that suits your personal style and get ready to make an impression on the road. All rims and wheels are thoughtfully created to withstand all the weight and endurance your adventures require, all while giving your build a competitive and appealing edge. Shop a few of our favorites here:

5. Tonneau Covers

A proper adventure isn’t complete without the right truck bed protection. Whether your journeys are long or short, keeping all your gear safe and secure will be a top priority on your travels. RealTruck offers rolling, hardtop, and lockable tonneau covers that fit perfectly on your F-150. Stay stress-free even when the weather is unpredictable with water-resistant and rust proof truck bed coverage that will last for years. This F-150 mod is a must-have. We’ve selected the best of the best to help with your upgrade:

6. Nerf Bars and Running Boards

So, you’ve just checked out RealTruck’s lift kits and you have chosen your favorite. Now’s the time to consider checking out a new set of running boards for your F-150. The higher your vehicle sits, the more difficult it can be to get in and out of it. Help yourself out with a set of slip-resistant or extra wide steps to guarantee you’ll always have a clean dismount when getting out of the driver’s seat. Choose from a variety of finishes to match the aesthetic of your ride and get ready to hit the road. Browse our top picks here:

7. Grille Guards and Bull Bars

Get ready to face what’s up ahead. Outfitting your F-150 with a grille guard or bull bar is a quick and simple upgrade that provides protection against damage from collisions or debris when taking your ride on or off the road. Our inventory features different designs, whether you’re looking for a clean or rugged look. Bull bars come with an integrated mounting option, meaning you can pair it with an LED light bar of your choosing. Check out these RealTruck picks:

8. Performance Programmers and Monitors

Looking to upgrade your F-150’s performance but not sure where to start? This is where a tuner or programmer might come in handy. These devices help determine your truck's needs, from increasing torque and horsepower to increasing gas mileage. If you’re someone who loves to make continuous tweaks to your build, this is a great accessory that will help keep your F-150’s performance on its A-game. Check out these RealTruck picks to get started:

9. Exhaust Systems

Get the growl you want with a new exhaust system for your F-150. Opt for one of our stainless steel systems that help increase torque and horsepower all while giving you optimal exhaust flow. All exhaust systems are designed to withstand rust and corrosion, meaning you’ll be making a long-lasting investment. Polished and black chrome tips are available with some systems, meaning you can customize your ride’s sound and style. Start browsing today:

10. Cooling Systems

A full day of exploring can really take a toll on your engine. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to check in under your hood every once in a while to make sure your engine is operating at a comfortable temperature. With a cooling system upgrade, your F-150 will be equipped with the setup it needs to keep things regulated, meaning less engine maintenance for you in the long run. These fan systems pull in outside air through your truck’s radiator to make sure your ride is getting the proper TLC. Browse our favorites here:

Have any additional questions? Our RealTruck experts are always on standby to help you pick the right accessories for your Ford F-150. These F-150 mods and performance upgrades were specifically chosen by truck enthusiasts just like you in order to ensure you get the most out of your adventures. We can’t wait to see how you upgrade your ride!

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