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AVS Aeroskin® LightShield™ Color Match Bug Shield
From:  $219.99
AVS Color Matched Aeroskin® Bug Shield
From:  $169.99
AVS Aeroskin® LightShield™ PRO Color Match Bug Shield
From:  $329.99

How Do Bug Deflectors Work?

While it’s common knowledge that bug deflectors prevent insects, rocks, and small debris from slapping against your ride’s hood or windshield, the science behind them isn’t as well-known. Contrary to popular belief, bug deflectors don’t just take the brunt of impact but physically alter the front end’s aerodynamics!

Bug deflectors create an updraft of air in front of your vehicle. As you drive, the powerful airflow sweeps incoming debris upwards and over the top of your truck, Jeep, or SUV; pretty neat, right? 

Benefits of Bug Deflectors & Shields

Bug deflectors and shields help to save your windshield and paint from constant bug splatters, micro-dings, and chips, protecting your ride’s aesthetics and resale value! Bug shields are aesthetically pleasing as well, giving your vehicle a rugged front-end profile. For a quick and inexpensive modification, you can’t beat a bug deflector!

Considerations When Shopping for a Bug Deflector

When shopping for a new bug deflector, there are a few factors to consider to ensure a quality fit, finish, and functionality. These include: 

  • Fitment: Is the deflector molded to your vehicle’s contours? Is it flexible? A quality bug deflector should require little to no massaging or modifications for a quality fit.  

  • Aerodynamics: You should consider the aerodynamics of your prospective bug deflectors for several reasons. While a less aerodynamic bug deflector is unlikely to harm mileage, it may be less effective at deflecting debris and may contact the hood at high speeds, abrading the paint. 

  • Car Wash-Safe: Do you routinely hit self-service or automated car washes? If so, make sure your deflector can handle the abuse of automatic roller brushes. Regardless, we’ll always recommend a touchless wash or hand wash to prevent swirls and paint damage. 

  • No-Drill Installation: No one wants to drill holes into their vehicle’s body panels. Not only does this leave lasting damage but also drastically lengthens the installation process. 

  • UV/Scratch-Proof: While most bug deflectors are manufactured from UV and scratch-resistant compounds, some lesser-quality products are far less resistant to scuffs and fading. Before making a purchase, verify that the deflector is manufactured from quality materials like ABS, acrylic, or polycarbonate.

  • Warranty: How’s the warranty? Does it cover finish defects? Like most products, the best bug deflectors typically include the longest and most comprehensive warranties!

Bug Deflector Styles

Aside from fitment, there are several styles of bug deflectors–namely constructions and finishes. 

Most bug deflectors are manufactured from quality plastics, including: 

  • ABS plastic: A tough, abrasion, impact, and UV-resistant plastic with a rugged black finish. 

  • Polycarbonate: A stiff, durable, and semi-transparent thermoplastic

  • Acrylic: A tough, transparent plastic with exceptional clarity and abrasion, impact, and UV resistance. 

Finishes vary; however, most bug deflectors are available in a sleek, semi-transparent smoke finish. Other, less-popular finishes include chrome, matte black, painted, and even American flag print!

Besides colors, we also offer an assortment of illuminated bug deflectors featuring embedded LED lights, such as the AVS Aeroskin® LightShield.