The Most Durable Truck Seat Covers

Originally published on Jun 13, 2019 | Updated on Aug 23, 2023

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All trucks are built to work, but some trucks work harder than others. Maybe you frequently have multiple passengers entering and exiting the vehicle. Maybe you need to protect your seats from your dog on the way to the park. Or perhaps your truck makes regular visits to work sites where dust and gravel seem to work their way into every part of your vehicle. No matter the reason, if your truck needs the most durable seat covers to keep your cab in great shape, these are the ones to choose.


This material is made from plain-woven cotton, and its simple but sturdy composition makes it ideal for truck owners who need top-of-the-line seat protection. Food, mud, and spills are easily contained by canvas. This material is machine-washable, making it very easy to clean should the need arise. Multiple colors are available, including camo patterns

CalTrend Duraplus Seat Covers

CalTrend Retro Camo Covers

Saddleman MaxProtect Ballistic


Cordura combines cotton with nylon, resulting in a material that retains much of the durability of canvas while providing improved comfort for you and your passengers. Easy to clean and water resistant, this material is also used to make specialized clothing for outdoorsmen, police officers, and others who need a blend of comfort and damage resistance

Coverking Pet Protection Seat Covers

Skanda Multicam Camo Seat Covers

Skanda Multicam Ballistic Tactical Seat Covers

Saddle Blanket

As the name implies, this is the same material used to act as a barrier between a horse’s back and its rider’s saddle. The woven fiber construction of saddle blanket material can withstand multiple entries and exits throughout the day without fraying, all while providing good comfort and a distinct appearance.

Coverking Saddle Blanket Seat Covers

Fia Wrangler Seat Covers

Saddleman Saddle Blanket Seat Covers


Vinyl is perhaps the best seat cover material if your main concern is preventing liquids from being absorbed into your seats. Liquids tend to pool or run off of vinyl, preventing liquid damage to your upholstery, especially when combined with a set of form-fitting floor mats. Compared to other materials, vinyl is more susceptible to damage from heat and UV rays, so keep that in mind when choosing your seat cover.

CalTrend Carbon Fiber Vinyl Seat Covers

Total Vinyl Seat Covers from Northwest

Vinyl seat covers have excellent resistance to liquids.

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