Best Truck Tool Boxes for 2023

By: RealTruck Expert Team / January 20, 2023 in Guides

On the hunt for a new tool box for your truck? With so many options available, narrowing your search to just one selection can present some challenges. Our experts have compiled a list of questions to ask before making the big purchase. 

We also have a list of our staff’s picks for the best truck tool boxes this year, so you can find one that best meets your needs.

How to Choose the Right Tool Box for You

Finding the right truck tool box depends on several factors, including utility, aesthetics, fit, and durability. Here is a quick list of the factors you should consider before pulling the trigger on a new truck tool box. 


What's your preferred material for a truck tool box? Do you prefer the lightweight nature of composite plastic or aluminum, or would you prefer the rugged strength of steel? Your choice of materials weighs heavily on your expectations and usage. For example, a composite or aluminum truck tool box may be perfect for storing simple hand tools, recovery equipment, or a roadside emergency kit. On the other hand, storing heavy-duty power tools may warrant switching to a durable steel truck tool box. 

Your climate and bed protection may also influence your material preference. For instance, a composite truck tool box may be ideal if your truck is equipped with a weather-resistant tonneau cover. However, if your truck's bed is constantly subjected to harsh weather conditions without any additional protection, then a steel or aluminum toolbox is better suited for your needs. 

Storage Space

Depending on the amount of cargo, tools, or equipment you're planning to carry regularly, you'll need to consider the storage capacity of your next truck tool box.  Additionally, depending on your average load, you'll have to be open to different truck toolbox styles. For instance, most side-rail or swing boxes are somewhat limited in space, whereas chest-style and saddle-style tool boxes typically feature a much larger internal volume. 

Assessing your available storage space with your desired storage space can help you narrow down your choices. 


Are you planning to carry valuables in your truck’s tool box?  If so, you'll have to consider the security features of your next truck tool box, ensuring your expensive tools and equipment are safe from would-be thieves.  Luckily, most new truck tool boxes feature integrated locks and keys, preventing passers-by from quickly gaining access to your valuables.  


Aesthetics are important. You want a truck tool box that looks the part, whether rugged and utilitarian or stylish. Some people may enjoy the classic looks of a polished, diamond-plate, saddle-style tool box, while others may prefer a subtle, black composite swing-style box. So choose something you’ll enjoy looking at every time you hop into your truck.

Types of Truck Tool Boxes

There are five different types of tool boxes truck owners can choose from:

  • Saddle Tool Boxes: These do-it-all tool boxes are like a swiss army knife. Your standard saddle truck tool boxes will feature classic and timeless styling and be saddled to the top of the truck bed, resting atop each bed rail. Due to their vast storage space, saddle tool boxes are a popular choice among contractors and other trade workers. 

  • Side Rail Tool Boxes: Another common choice amongst trades workers is the side rail tool box, mounting above the bed rail and wheel well. These truck tool boxes are handy due to their small form factor, their ease of accessibility, and their moderate storage space.

  • Dual-Lid Tool Box: A dual-lid tool box may be the best fit if you regularly work out of your truck. These truck tool boxes feature two large lids that can easily be accessed outside the bed, making loading and unloading tools a breeze. 

  • Swing Tool Boxes: These small, generally composite boxes are convenient for storing recovery gear, trailer hitches, and other regularly-accessed supplies. Hinged at the point where they meet the bedside, swing tool boxes can rotate nearly 180 degrees, positioning them over the tailgate for easy access.

  • Tonneau Compatible Tool Boxes: These tool boxes and chests are designed specifically to complement truck beds equipped with tonneau covers, sitting just below the bed rails for maximum clearance.

With these different types of truck tool boxes in mind, we thought we’d make it easier for you by selecting our favorite tool boxes for every type of truck and purpose.

Best Overall Truck Bed Tool Box

UWS Crossover Tool Box

The Crossover Tool Box from UWS is a premium saddle tool box that provides classic diamond-plate styling and ample storage for all your tools and supplies. 

With multiple built-in storage trays, the UWS tool box will keep your equipment tidy and organized, while an integrated MicroSeal gasket keeps dirt, moisture, and contaminants at bay.  

The Crossover Tool Box is offered in various sizes, allowing flawless fitment in any pickup, whether mid-size or full-size. 

It also features pre-drilled mounting slots and all hardware for a straightforward installation. 

  • Available in various sizes

  • Heavy-duty .058" aluminum plate construction

  • Key-lockable

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Budget Truck Tool Box

Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Tool Box

Minimally invasive, easily accessible, and budget-friendly–these three characteristics perfectly define the highly versatile and top-reviewed Undercover SwingCase. 

While others have attempted mimicry, no one does it like the original. 

This unique truck tool box takes up the unused space between the wheel well and tailgate, providing a lockable, weather-resistant storage solution for your small tools, roadside emergency supplies, and more! And, by releasing the integrated latch, the SwingCase can pivot nearly 180 degrees outboard to rest atop the tailgate for easy access. The SwingCase is also compatible with many tonneau cover designs.

  • Upper case length: 29" 

  • Lower case length: 15" 

  • Depth: 8" 

  • Height: 15"

  • Durable composite construction

  • Key-lockable latch 

  • One year warranty

Best Low Profile Truck Tool Box

UWS Single-Door Topside Truck Tool Box

If you're looking to maximize bed space while still having ample tool storage, then the UWS Single-Door Topside Truck Tool Box is for you. 

This innovative truck tool box mounts on top of your pickup's bed rail, leaving nearly the entire bed free for oversized cargo. With a convenient single door that lowers a full 90 degrees, you'll have easy access to your supplies without ever being required to hop up into the bed. 

  • Available in 48" or 60" lengths

  • Heavy-duty .058" thick aluminum plate construction

  • Key-lockable

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Plastic Truck Tool Box

Du-Ha Tote

Due to their lightweight nature, versatility, and budget-friendly price, composite tool boxes have garnered quite a bit of attention in recent years. 

Our expert's top pick is the Du-Ha Tote–a large, removable storage bin with a slew of convenience features. Unlike most of the other entries on this list, the Du-Ha Tote is fully removable and features heavy-duty wheels and a pull strap, allowing you to easily transport your tools and supplies deep into your home or job site.

To resist sliding around in the bed of your truck, Du-Ha offers an optional steel bracket set to lock the box in place. With built-in sliders, the mounting brackets allow the tote to slide outwards from your bed for easy accessibility. 

  • Outside dimensions: 53" L x 15" W x 15" H

  • Inside dimensions: 51" L x 14" W x 10" H  

  • Tough polyethylene construction

  • Key-lockable

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Side Mount Tool Boxes

UWS Side Mount Truck Tool Box

The Side Mount Truck Tool Box from UWS is a premium, all-aluminum truck tool box featuring rigid construction, a rugged diamond plate finish, and ample storage for your tools and supplies. 

This tool box mounts to the side of your pickup's bed rail, leaving the entire length of your truck bed untouched, allowing you to carry full boards, sheets of plywood, sheetrock, or other oversized cargo without issue. 

Due to the tool box's positioning at the side of your truck bed, your tools will be easily accessible from beside your pickup, making loading and unloading a breeze. 

  • Available in various sizes 

  • Heavy-duty .058" aluminum construction

  • Key-lockable

  • Limited lifetime warranty

A new truck tool box can be a practical purchase for every truck. So make the right choice by reviewing each truck tool box and determining which one best fits your needs and budget. 

For more help, browse our wide selection of tool boxes on our website.

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