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Kargo Master Pro II Truck Topper Racks
Kargo Master Pro II Truck Topper Rack
From:  $1,590.01
Vanguard Topper Racks
Vanguard Topper Racks
From:  $168.00
TracRac CapRac Truck Rack
From:  $579.95
Kargo Master Pro III Truck Topper Racks
Kargo Master Pro III Truck Topper Racks
From:  $1,155.97
Rhino Rack Aero black topper
Rhino Rack Aero Topper Racks
From:  $530.99
Vantech H1 Topper Rack
Vantech H1 Truck Topper Racks
From:  $379.05
Rhino Rack HD Topper Racks
Rhino Rack HD Topper Racks
From:  $517.99

Benefits of Topper Racks

Camper shells and toppers are a terrific addition to any pickup, providing weather-resistant, lockable storage for your cargo; however, they come with one major shortcoming: it’s nearly impossible to transport oversized goods like ladders and lumber. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise! At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of topper racks, allowing you to load everything from kayaks and bikes to building materials above your topper! 

Topper racks help you safely transport oversized cargo without risking damage to your pickup or other vehicles on the road, featuring sturdy cross bars to support heavy loads and ample tie-down points to secure them. For more racks and carriers, browse our extensive inventory. 

Choosing Your Topper Rack

While choosing the right topper rack for your ride isn’t overly complex, there are a few factors to consider when making your selection. 


While some may be close, no two manufacturers use identical dimensions for their truck beds. As a result, it’s vital to select a topper rack that not only fits the length and width of your truck’s bed but is also compatible with the height of your truck’s cab and topper! Some topper racks are universal, like the Hauler Topper Rack, featuring adjustable legs to fit a variety of makes and models. However, others are fixed-position, like ProRac Work and Utility Racks. In either case, take multiple measurements to ensure compatibility with your pickup and topper. 

Additionally, some top-mount topper racks are engineered for use with select camper shell constructions (steel, aluminum, fiberglass). Before ordering, verify that the rack is compatible with your particular camper shell type. 

Load Capacity

How much weight are you planning to carry? We offer a wide selection of racks with different maximum capacities, ranging from 300 pounds on the low end to 1,700 pounds on the high end! Whether you’re a trades worker or a weekend DIY-er, verify that the rack you’re looking to purchase can handle the weight you plan to haul.    


Topper racks are available in several materials and finishes, featuring different aesthetics, levels of durability, and overall weights. When shopping for a new rack, consider the payload of your vehicle, the weight of the rack, and its corrosion resistance, especially if you live in a harsh climate. Common constructions include: 


Steel topper racks are incredibly durable, making them the ideal choice for trades workers. However, they’re also the heaviest and most corrosion-prone. For this reason, most steel racks feature corrosion-resistant zinc plating or powder coating. 


While not as stout as steel, aluminum racks are rigid and durable. They’re also incredibly lightweight, ideal for light-duty pickups and lighter cargo like ladders and PVC pipe. Aluminum does oxidize; however, not structurally like steel, making it ideal for harsh climates. 


While some racks are stationary, others feature integrated track systems to adjust the position of the crossbars depending on the cargo size and type. If adjustability is a must-have, browse racks with integrated track systems, like ProRac Work & Utility Roof Racks or Rhino Rack Aero Topper Racks

Installation Type

Installation type is the factor with the most variance, as some racks mount like standard ladder racks, resting on your pickup’s bed rails and sandwiched between the topper, while others bolt to your topper’s roof via tracks or stationary feet. If you’re not keen on the idea of drilling holes into the roof of your topper, consider a ladder-rack style, like the Kargo Master Pro II Truck Topper Rack; however, for a sleek aesthetic, consider a bolt-on, cross-bar-style, like the TracRac CapRac.  


A lengthy warranty and excellent customer service are vital for those that regularly use and abuse their pickups. Luckily, most topper racks and carriers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects. However, review the warranty statements on each product’s page to verify warranty length and coverage.