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Rhino Rack Ski & Snowboard Carriers
Rhino Rack Fishing Rod, Ski, & Snowboard Carrier
From:  $152.99
Thule SnowPack Extender Ski and Snowboard Carrier
From:  $449.95
Thule SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Carrier
From:  $329.95
Thule Tram Ski & Snowboard Carrier
From:  $379.95
Thule SkiClick Cross-Country Ski Carrier
From:  $79.95
Kuat Switch Clamshell Rooftop Ski Rack
From:  $219.00
SeaSucker Pallavicini Ski Rack
From:  $399.00
SeaSucker Classic Ski Rack
From:  $425.00
Kuat Grip Rooftop Ski Rack
From:  $429.00

Snowboard & Ski Racks

If you’re an avid skier or snowboarding enthusiast, you understand the hassle of transporting your gear to and from the slopes. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be a challenge! At RealTruck, we carry a wide variety of ski and snowboard racks, providing a designated mount to safely and securely carry your skis and snowboards.

While several skiers and snowboarders opt to load their equipment directly in a pickup bed or SUV cargo area, these locations subject your expensive equipment to scuffs, nicks, and abrasions from sliding around loosely. Not only does this method pose a risk to your skis and snowboards, but also significantly diminishes your ride’s cargo space! Instead of haphazardly loading your equipment and gear, consider a premium snowboard & ski rack from RealTruck.

Ski and Snowboard Rack Types

There are several ski and snowboard rack configurations, depending on your application, preferred mounting location, and the number of skis and snowboards you plan to carry. 

  • Mounting Location: Rack systems mount in various locations around your vehicle, including the roof, the hitch, or even adjustable systems fitted with high-strength suction cups! Typically, you’ll want a rack that’s easily accessible for your application; for instance, pickups and SUVs benefit from hitch-mounted systems, like the Thule Tram Ski and Snowboard Carrier, which keeps your gear low to the ground and easily accessible. On the other hand, passenger car owners often gravitate toward roof-mounted and universal systems, like the Seasasucker Classic Ski Rack, as their shorter roofs make accessing your equipment from roof racks quick and easy.   

  • Design: Aside from your rack’s mounting location, there are several mount design to choose from; while each is effective, you may prefer a click-in design, like the Thule SkiClick Cross Country Ski Carrier or the secure, clamshell design of the Kuat Switch Clamshell Rooftop Ski Rack