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Smittybilt Defender Roof Rack
Smittybilt Defender Roof Rack
From:  $35.99
10% off
Go Rhino SRM400 Roof Rack
From:  $588.82$654.25
Paramount Cargo Carrier Basket
From:  $246.99
Go Rhino Safari Rack
10% OFF
Go Rhino Safari Rack
From:  $362.91$403.24
Paramount Jeep Flat Roof Rack
From:  $419.99
Lund Roof Rack Cargo Basket
From:  $292.31
Paramount Jeep Roof Rack
From:  $472.99
Rhino Rack Roof Mount Cargo Basket
From:  $533.99
A.R.E. Ascend Roof Basket
From:  $899.95
Thule Canyon Roof Mount Cargo Basket
Thule Canyon Roof Mount Cargo Basket
From:  $279.95
Yakima OffGrid Roof Cargo Basket
From:  $64.95
Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Cargo Basket
From:  $64.95
Yakima SkinnyWarrior Roof Cargo Basket
From:  $64.95
Yakima MegaWarrior Roof Cargo Basket
From:  $64.95

Haul Extra Cargo with a Roof Basket

If you’re having trouble finding room for all your gear, luggage, and oversized cargo, check out our selection of premium roof baskets! We carry roof baskets for most aftermarket crossbars, OE rails, and even naked roofs, ensuring a product that suits your unique application! And if weight or overall durability is a concern, we carry roof baskets in various materials–like heavy-duty steel and lightweight aluminum–to get the job done! 

Roof baskets feature a large, flat design with integrated sides, providing easily-accessible cargo storage with numerous tie-down points. Rather than haphazardly transporting cargo in your vehicle’s back seat or a friend’s lap, throw it in a cargo basket and keep the interior open for passengers and pets! 

Roof baskets come in various dimensions and configurations, no matter the size of your ride’s roof or the accessory mounts you require. We offer everything from straightforward cargo baskets, like the Yakima LoadWarrior, to off-road-centric baskets with integrated light cages, like the Smittybilt Defender.

Other Cargo Options

Consider these alternatives if you need additional cargo space, but a roof basket isn’t your preferred solution.

Roof Cargo Bags

These rugged, soft-sided bags are ideal for storing everything from camping gear to luggage. Though constructed from lightweight and collapsible fabric, these bags can withstand even the harshest conditions, keeping your cargo safe from the elements.

Roof Cargo Boxes

Like roof cargo bags, roof cargo boxes are rugged, weatherproof storage solutions for your gear. These roof-mounted boxes feature durable constructions from materials like ABS plastic, protecting your valuables during transport. Several sizes and shapes are available, ensuring a product that meets your storage needs.

Cargo Slides

Cargo slides are the ideal cargo solution for pickups of all shapes and sizes, making loading and unloading cargo a breeze! Cargo slides consist of platforms or drawers on heavy-duty sealed roller bearings that, with the tailgate lowered, extend from your pickup’s bed to offer easy access.

Cargo Bars

Cargo Bars are the ideal product to organize your pickup’s bed, dividing the massive cargo area into two sections. These easy-to-use cargo management systems feature adjustable dimensions and rigid alloy constructions, supporting cargo of all shapes and sizes.

Roof Baskets from Trusted Brands

We carry all the top roof basket brands and models at RealTruck, ensuring a long service life and outstanding reliability. Some of our most popular brands include: 

Yakima: An industry leader in roof racks, bike racks, cargo boxes, roof baskets, and other storage solutions. Yakima is renowned for its product's outstanding fit and finish and for supporting countless applications. 

Thule: Swedish-born Thule directly competes in the high-end cargo storage industry, specializing in truck racks, roof racks, bike racks, and more! And with limited lifetime warranties on nearly all Thule products, how can you go wrong? 

Go Rhino: Go Rhino showcases that affordability and quality can apply to the same products. The company offers a massive inventory of budget-friendly automotive accessories, ranging from side steps to roof racks!