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Lund Aero Rooftop Bag
From:  $167.27
Lund Soft Pack Roof Bag
From:  $55.83
Rightline Gear Jeep Storage Bags
Rightline Gear Jeep Storage Bags
From:  $49.95
Rhino Rack Cargo Bags
Rhino Rack Cargo Bags
From:  $237.99
Thule Rooftop Cargo Bags
Thule Rooftop Cargo Bags
From:  $169.95
Rightline Gear Cargo Bags
Rightline Gear Cargo Bags
From:  $26.66
Rightline Gear Range Cargo Bags
From:  $89.95

Why Should I Install a Rooftop Cargo Bag?

Rooftop cargo bags are the ultimate storage solution for roof-rack-equipped vehicles, significantly bolstering cargo space with a compact, easy-to-install addition. These cargo bags mimic the functionality of a roof cargo box, but they’re far less expensive, easier to install/remove, and fold into a compact, easily stowable package when not in use.

Rooftop Cargo Bag Benefits

Rooftop cargo bags offer several benefits over a bare roof rack or cargo box, including: 

  • Maximizing Storage Space: Roof cargo bags provide additional storage options for luggage, sports items, and bulky items that would otherwise take up valuable cargo space in your vehicle.

  • Securing Your Gear Against Thieves: Roof cargo bags offer exceptional theft resistance, especially on taller, full-size applications. While the weatherproof fabric won't guard against a sharp blade, there’s no way for a thief to inconspicuously swipe cargo off of a roof rack!   

  • Transporting Oversized Items: Roof cargo bags enable you to carry luggage and bulky sports equipment without compromising interior space. 

  • Making Your Journey More Comfortable: With extra room for your equipment, you can free up space within the vehicle, making it more comfortable for all passengers. When carpooling for a camping trip, a cargo bag can be the difference between a comfortable drive and riding with a duffle bag on your lap! 

  • Guarding Your Gear Against Extreme Weather: Rooftop cargo bags are constructed from rugged, weather-resistant materials like ripstop polyester, guarding your cargo against the elements, including harsh wind, punishing sun, brutal cold, and rain!

Considerations When Selecting a Rooftop Cargo Bag

When selecting the rooftop cargo bag that best suits your needs, consider the following: 

  • Determine the weight capacity of your vehicle's roof and the chosen bag; do these values match the cargo you plan to carry? 

  • Is the roof cargo bag compatible with your vehicle’s roof size and shape? Roof cargo bags come in several shapes and sizes, ensuring a flawless fit on any application.

  • What type of gear are you planning to transport? If you’ll be carrying specialty items exclusively, like ski equipment, you’ll likely want a bag with specific features. However, if you plan to transport everything from luggage to sports equipment and camping gear, a well-rounded cargo bag will do the trick! 

  • How challenging is the installation process? Depending on your competence, as well as the frequency of installation/removal, you may lean towards one product over another. 

  • How’s roof access? Taller vehicles and oversized pickups may pose issues with accessibility, whereas low-slung sedans allow plenty of access to your gear.