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Rhino Rack Kayak & Canoe Carriers
Rhino Rack Kayak & Canoe Carriers
From:  $58.99
Thule Canoe Carriers
Thule Portage Canoe Carriers
From:  $199.95
Thule Hull-A-Port Kayak Carrier
From:  $229.95
Thule The Stacker Kayak Carrier
From:  $199.95
Thule Hull-a-Port XTR Kayak Carrier
From:  $279.95
Thule DockGlide Kayak Rack
From:  $299.95
Thule Top Deck Kayak Carrier
From:  $159.95
Thule Surf Pads
From:  $49.95
Kuat Class 2 Fixed Rooftop Kayak Rack
From:  $169.00
Vantech J1000 Truck Topper Rack
From:  $284.05
Kuat Class 4 V2 Folding Rooftop Kayak Rack
From:  $298.00
Thule DockGrip Kayak Saddle
From:  $299.95
Thule SUP Taxi XT Rack
From:  $349.95

Kayak & Canoe Racks

Transporting your oversized watercraft, like kayaks and canoes, can be overwhelming, especially without the proper equipment. From loading and unloading to ensuring each boat is properly secured for the journey ahead, traveling without the correct gear isn’t just worrisome; it’s unsafe! Luckily, RealTruck carries all the top kayak holders and canoe racks to make your journey to the lake/river safe and hiccup-free. 

While kayak and canoe racks come in several shapes and sizes, most perform the same essential functions, including:

  • Securing your kayak or canoe to your truck, Jeep, or SUV

  • Preventing scratching and denting of the watercraft with thick padding

  • Carrying one or more watercraft, depending on the model/configuration

  • Carrying a variety of watercraft, such as stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, etc.

  • Compatibility with factory or aftermarket roof rack setups

Kayak & Canoe Rack Styles

At RealTruck, we carry several types of Kayak and Canoe racks, fitting various applications and watercraft. Some of our most popular include: 

  • J-Cradle: A simple, J-shaped cradle offering easy loading and unloading. J-cradles come in fixed-position and folding configurations, with the latter offering easy storage and improved aerodynamics while unloaded.  

  • Saddle Mount: These easy-to-install carriers feature multiple adjustable “saddles,” which contour to either side of the watercraft’s hull, similar to a conventional boat trailer. These carriers mount to most crossbar-style roof racks and evenly distribute weight for secure and safe transport. 

  • Side & Flat Carrier: Sleek, flat-style carries that can accommodate kayaks and canoes upright or sideways to increase capacity. 

  • Surfboard/SUP: Typically narrow racks to fit flat stand-up paddleboards and surfboards. 

  • Rack Accessories: We also offer several accessories to make loading and unloading your watercraft/boards a breeze, including:

    • Side Loader: This device helps you load canoes, kayaks, or other watercraft onto your vehicle’s roof from the side without injury or accident. 

    • Rear loader: This Device helps you load canoes, kayaks, or other watercraft onto your vehicle’s roof from the rear without injury or accident.

Popular Kayak & Canoe Rack Manufacturers

Choose among kayak and canoe racks from all of the top manufacturers, including:

  • Kuat: High-quality J-cradle racks offering superior durability, strength, and intuitive loading. 

  • Rhino-Rack: A leading manufacturer of all things rack and rack-related, including roof racks, bed racks, gear mounts, and everything in between! 

  • Thule: Sweden-based Thule is a leading rack manufacturer, producing countless styles for countless applications. The company is renowned for its unbeatable quality, and its selection of kayak and canoe racks is no exception!

Kayak & Canoe Rack Resources

Are you looking for more information about rack and carrier systems? Check out our related articles on RealSource, your source for all things Truck, Jeep, and more!