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BedRug Classic Bed Liner
From:  $479.95
BedRug Impact Bed Liner
From:  $479.95
Husky Liners UltraFiber Full Truck Bed Liner
From:  $429.95
WeatherTech TechLiner Bed Mat
WeatherTech TechLiner Bed Mat
From:  $194.95
WeatherTech Techliner Tailgate Mat
WeatherTech TechLiner Tailgate Mat
From:  $76.95
BedRug Spray-in Adhesion Kit for BedRug Liners
From:  $19.95
WeatherTech UnderLiner Bed Liner Pad
WeatherTech UnderLiner Bed Liner Pad
From:  $94.95
Al's Liner Spray In Bed Liner
Al's Liner Do It Yourself Spray On Bed Liner
From:  $145.00

Truck Bed Liners

For those that use their pickup as intended, including towing, hauling, and heavy work, ample bed protection is essential to prevent rust-prone dings, dents, and scratches. For this reason, we recommend installing a premium bed liner in every pickup, bolstering impact and abrasion resistance for years of reliable service! 

Not only are bed liners protective, but they also feature several other benefits over slick, painted truck beds. First, bed liners are non-slip, preventing cargo in the bed from shifting and sliding during transport. Second, bed liners protect your valuable cargo against scratches and scuffs while loading and unloading, especially carpeted liners like the BedRug Full Bedliner! Lastly, bed liners can significantly improve comfort while working out of the bed, setting up for a drive-in movie, or truck bed camping, especially padded liners like the BedRug Bedtred Impact Bed Liner.

Types of Truck Bed Liners

Truck bed liners come in several different material constructions, aesthetics, and overall designs, each offering unique characteristics that set them apart. 


Bed liners are available in multiple material constructions; some of the most popular include: 

  • Carpet Truck Bed Liners: These liners utilize a heavy-duty polyethylene fiber construction, mimicking the look and feel of outdoor carpeting. These liners are soft to the touch and comfortable while retaining the impact, abrasions, chemical, and oil resistance of durable polyethylene plastic. Carpet liners are durable, mold and mildew-resistant, easy to clean, and non-skid, suiting most applications. 

  • Spray-In Bed Liners: These bed liners, like the Al's Liner Do It Yourself Spray On Bed Liner, feature a spray-in acrylic/urethane design, resulting in a heavily-textured, rubberized coating over the entire surface of the bed and, often, bed rails. Spray-in liners offer exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance; however, due to the liner’s proximity to the metal below, they don’t guard against heavy impacts as well as padded liners. For maximum protection, we recommend pairing a spray-in bed liner with a rugged bed mat or drop-in liner. 

  • Plastic/Rubber Drop-In Liners: These liners, like the WeatherTech TechLiner Bed Mat, are constructed from heavy-duty synthetic materials, like thermoplastic elastomer. They typically feature a simple drop-in installation and protect against impacts, abrasions, oil, chemicals, and more! These liners withstand UV exposure and extreme temperatures, preventing cracking and fading for the life of the product.


Bed liners come in several sizes and fitments, with some covering specific portions of the bed, and others covering the entire cargo area, including the bed floor, bedsides, and tailgate.

  • Bed Mats: Bed Mats are a popular product, providing maximum protection to the most vulnerable part of the pickup’s bed–the bed floors. These heavy-duty mats feature a simple drop-in design; they include rugged underliners, like the WeatherTech UnderLiner Bed Liner Pad, which protect the painted bed floor against scuffs from a plastic drop-in liner, and full bed mats, offered in either heavy-duty rubberized or carpeted constructions. 

  • Tailgate Mats: Tailgate mats, like the BedRug Tailgate Mat, cover only your pickup’s tailgate. Like bed mats, tailgate mats protect against impacts and abrasions while loading and unloading cargo in the bed. Since bed mats are often sold individually, adding a tailgate mat is an excellent way to bolster protection without ordering a full bedliner. 

  • Full Bed Liners: Full bed liners, like the Husky Liners UltraFiber Full Truck Bed Liner, provide your pickup with comprehensive bed protection, covering the bed floor, bedsides, bulkhead, and tailgate.

We also offer several bed liner accessories, like adhesion kits, to guarantee a secure installation! 

Popular Truck Bed Liner Brands

At RealTruck, we offer all of the top bed liner brands, including: 

  • BedRug: The leading provider of durable polyethylene fiber bed liners, offering a soft carpeted look and feel with unparalleled durability.

  • Husky Liners: A leading provider of automotive protection, ranging from floor liners to premium bed mats and liners. 

  • WeatherTech: Weathertech specializes in bed, cargo, and floor liners for all makes and models, offering comprehensive protection to keep your vehicle free from unnecessary wear and tear. 

  • Al’s Liner: One of the leaders in DIY, spray-in bed liners. Al’s Liner kits are durable, easy to use, and provide professional-level results.