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Havoc HS2 Black Hoop Steps
From:  $449.99
N-Fab Nerf Step RS 01
N-Fab Nerf Step RS
From:  $349.99
N-Fab Black EpYx Steps
From:  $349.99
N-Fab Black Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars
N-Fab Black Wheel To Wheel Nerf Bars
From:  $449.99
N-Fab Black Cab Length Nerf Bars Main Image Gallery 01
N-Fab Black Cab Length Nerf Bars
From:  $379.99
N-Fab Textured Black Cab Length Podium Steps
From:  $449.99
Havoc HS3 Black Hoop Steps
From:  $617.81
N-Fab Predator Pro Nerf Step
From:  $549.99
N-Fab Textured Black Bed Access Podium Steps
From:  $599.99
N-Fab Stainless Steel Cab Length Podium Steps
From:  $599.99
N-Fab Rock Rails Main Image
N-Fab Rock Rails
From:  $399.99
N-Fab RKR Step Systems Main Image
N-Fab RKR Step System
From:  $449.99
N-Fab Stainless Steel Bed Access Podium Steps
From:  $849.99
Lund Terrain HX Step Nerf Bars
Lund Terrain HX Step Nerf Bars
From:  $550.41
N-Fab Wheel to Wheel Rock Rails Main Image
N-Fab Wheel to Wheel Rock Rails
From:  $599.99
Havoc Offroad HN2 Nerf Bars HFB-06-003 Main
Havoc Offroad HN2 Nerf Bars
From:  $429.99
Lund Rock Rail Guards
Lund Rock Rail Guards
From:  $406.96
Go Rhino Dominator Xtreme D2 SideSteps Main Image
10% OFF
Go Rhino Dominator Xtreme D2 SideSteps
From:  $514.94$572.16
Go Rhino Rb30 Drop Step Running Boards 68Inpc Main
10% OFF
Go Rhino RB30 Drop Step Running Boards
From:  $632.68$702.98
10% OFF
Go Rhino RB10 Drop Step Running Boards
From:  $801.81$890.90
10% OFF
Go Rhino RB20 Drop Step Running Boards
From:  $801.81$890.90
Westin HDX Black Drop Steps
From:  $483.99
15% OFF
Magnum RT Steps
From:  $242.24$284.99
Carr LD Steps XP3 01
Carr LD Hoop Steps XP3 Black
From:  $129.99
Westin HDX Drop Step Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars
Westin HDX Drop Step Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars
From:  $894.99
Raptor Magnum RT Gen 2 Steps Main New
15% OFF
Magnum Gen 2 RT Steps
From:  $368.04$432.99
15% OFF
APS Black Drop Step Nerf Bars
From:  $425.73$500.87
Carr Hoop II Steps XP3 01
Carr Hoop Step II XP3 Black
From:  $58.00
Westin HDX Black Stainless Drop Steps
Westin HDX Black Stainless Drop Steps
From:  $643.99
Westin Outlaw Drop Nerf Step Bars Main Image
Westin Outlaw Drop Nerf Step Bars
From:  $429.99

Truck Hoop Steps

Ease entry into the cab of your pickup, Jeep, or SUV with a set of premium hoop steps from RealTruck! Hoop steps are a sleek, minimalist style of side step engineered for maximum functionality and rugged looks, best suited for off-road Jeep and pickup builds. These steps feature low-hanging, extra-wide, u-shaped alloy steps that may or may not be attached to a tightly-tucked central tube. Like other side step styles, hoop steps significantly take the effort out of climbing into and out of an oversized or lifted vehicle, providing a sturdy, non-slip foothold at each door. 

Hoop Step Benefits

Hoop steps feature several benefits for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs, including: 

  • Providing an Easy Step-Up: The main reason behind installing hoop steps is to ease entry into the cabs of oversized and lifted vehicles. Hoop steps significantly lower the step surface for yourself and passengers, including children or persons with disabilities. 

  • Streamlined Design: Hoop steps feature a sleek, streamlined design that’s nowhere near as bulky as other side step options like nerf bars and running boards

  • Keeping Your Clothes Clean: Another purpose of hoop steps is that they can keep your clothes clean as you get out of the vehicle. While getting out of a large vehicle, your clothes tend to rub against the sill of the car, which is usually lain with dirt and gravel. Having an extra step while climbing in and out can save your clean clothes from all the dirt!

  • Protecting Your Vehicle’s Paint: Hoops steps provide considerable paint protection to your vehicle, guarding the rocker panels against pebbles and kicked-up debris. Additionally, hoop steps prevent rust-prone scratches and abrasions to your vehicle’s door sills, considering the designated step just below.

Hoop Step Types

Hoop steps come in two key configurations, including: 

  • Individual: Individual hoop steps, like the Carr Hoop Step II XP3, feature a simple design consisting of a single U-Shaped hoop. These steps don’t feature a central bar running the length of the cab or wheel-to-wheel, requiring you to purchase one step per door. These steps are traditionally universal, requiring slight drilling and modifications to ensure a flawless fitment.

  • Drop Steps: Drop steps are similar to nerf bars, featuring a central tube that tucks tightly against the body and extends the length of the cab. They also feature welded-on U-Shaped hoop steps at each door. These steps are sold in pairs and feature application-specific fitments, bolting to existing holes in the chassis.

Considerations When Selecting Hoop Steps

  • What’s your preferred style? Do you prefer individual steps or cab-length drop steps?

  • Quality and grip are important. Make sure the steps feature a non-slip tread design and are built to last.

  • How will the steps be mounted to the vehicle? While some steps bolt to existing holes in your vehicle’s rocker panels, others require drilling and modifications. 

  • How much weight will hoop steps add to your vehicle? 

  • Does the product come in your preferred finish? I.e., chrome, polished, powder coat, paint.

  • Is your primary concern aesthetics, practicality, or protection? For the latter, rock sliders offer the best protection.